Pure Unadulterated Joy

What is the☝🏼thing that brings you joy? It can be the same thing everyday or it can change daily. It can be something that seems so minor to you, but as long as it brings you happiness, that’s all that matters.🙂

Choose☝🏼thing that brings you joy, whatever it may be, and hold onto it. Right before you fall asleep, close your eyes and picture that one thing. And the minute you wake up, take just one minute to visual it again. Make that your daily routine. 🗓

You create and fuel your own happiness. 🙂 It is no ones responsible except your own to find joy in life. Take responsibility for how you experience your life.

Give it the energy it needs in order to stay top of mind all the time. Feeling happy does not just appear. You have to conjure it and then hold onto it or it will escape.

If you feel comfortable sharing your ☝🏼 joy for today, I’d love to read it in the comments below!

Kira MamulaComment