Just Hit A Pillow

Just hit a pillow.

That has always been the old school advice in dealing with your anger 😤. The problem is it actually heightens your arousal, and I don’t mean 🍆.

When you “release” your anger 🤯 by hitting a pillow, your hostility actually increases. 😳 So don’t buy into that old saying. Guess who hits things? 2 year olds throwing a tantrum. 👶

Grow Up. Time to adult.

“But Kira I don’t scream or hit things. I’m not angry then.” No? But are you passive aggressive? Yeahhhhh…😒

Passive aggressive behavior is used to deliberately avoid talking about problems/anger. It’s a way to covertly blame others, play the victim, and is a VERY unhealthy way to express your anger.🤬

We’ve all dealt with people who respond with sarcasm when mad or pretend to not understand something. 😒 Just because you don’t yell when you’re mad doesn’t mean you don’t have anger issues. Passive aggressiveness is 100% an unhealthy way to express anger and is like 💣 waiting to go off.

REMEMBER: The only thing you’re in control of is YOUR reaction to things.

YOUR reaction, YOUR responsibility. 💯

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