I'm a 27/9. What are you?

After having 3 nervous breakdowns from stress, anxiety, and depression in overworking myself in the corporate world, I had had enough. 🛑 I couldn’t mentally or physically take on anymore. I pushed myself to climb the corporate ladder into the throes of Google and after that I broke.

When I left Google, I was exhausted and completely burned out. 🙇🏻‍♀️ I felt numb. I had pushed my mental and physical health WAY beyond its limits 🚧, and I was paying the price. I couldn’t think of anything else to do with my life as I had had my career for 12 years. So I started to repair 🔧 myself mentally and physically. I started to read all kinds of 📚 about life passion/purpose.

See I had graduated from college and went straight into a successful career in the corporate world. I never had a chance to stop and think “Do I actually LIKE what I’m doing?” I was financially stable 💵 and living a great life, but again was I HAPPY?

The short answer was “no”. But I hadn’t realized until I had left the corporate world behind as to how much I had left to discover about myself, my life path, my purpose here on 🌎.

Through my journey 🛣 of finding out who I was and what I was meant to do with my life, I started to read about Life Paths based upon Numerology @danmillmanpw ”The Life You Were Born to Live”. It was eye-opening for me and that’s when everything started to fall into place. Once you know and fully embrace your life purpose, a wave of ☮️ comes over you, and you feel truly happy.

Find out what your life path number is, read, learn, and grow. 🙏🏻