Haterade is My Favorite Drink

Haterade is my favorite drink. 🍸

People’s opinions about others can have lasting impacts. 💯 No one is immune to how hurtful words can be, whether it comes from someone they know or not.

If I cared what others thought about me, I would have lost my mind many years ago.🥴 Everyone has an opinion. And frankly, I don’t care. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think worrying about what other people think can be very limiting. I’ve never been concerned about what anyone has thought of me or what I do and it’s a very freeing way to live.

It’s not that words don’t affect me, I see it more of a reflection on who that person is. I personally do not associate with individuals who bash others because of their own jealousy, insecurities, etc...I don’t have time for that childish behavior. 😒

Remember☝🏼thing though: YOU choose who you want to be around. Choose your company wisely because who you hang around with is a reflection on YOUR own judgement, YOUR boundaries, and what darkness YOU allow into your life.

That is something I do judge people for, the company they keep.

Kira MamulaComment