Imma B Me

How many of us have read the countless tips/blogs/books 📖 about dating and how to find “the one” that’s best for us? 🙋🏽‍♂️ You don’t have to look far for dating advice. It’s basically thrown in our faces on a daily basis.

Who is the best partner for you? 🤔 Have you stopped and actually written out a list 📝 of attributes that you want/need in a partner?

#1 on my list was “someone that loves me for ME”. 🙏🏻

Too often do we feel the need to change ourselves around who we’re with. Too many times are we fearful of showing who we really are and instead we make up a different character.🎭 We end up lying to ourselves and not living out who we really are because we fear what others may think of us. 😞

The very 1st thing you want to find in someone is acceptance. That you don’t feel you have to change for them. That you can be exactly who you are and they effn’ love you for it! ♥️ I’ve always felt I had to be a chameleon 🦎,changing around what my partner wanted. It’s amazing how miserable you can make yourself by hiding the real you.☹️

Do not question if you’re good enough for someone. Instead, ask yourself, “Do I have to change who I am in order for them to like me?” If the answer is “yes”, you keep walking.🚶🏽‍♂️Be You. And then and ONLY THEN will you attract the ying to your yang. ☯️

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