Are You Even Ready?

Are you even ready?

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you should be dating. People are single for MANY reasons. Staying single to work on yourself is hands down one of the most admirable and #adulting things you can do. 💯

Relationships take an exuberant amount of energy ♨️ and emotion. You have to be emotionally and mentally 100% before getting into one. Take the time 🕰 you need to be by yourself after a breakup and figure out what you want in life. 👐🏼


You need time to decompress, focus on areas in your life you want to grow from, learn how to be better/do better, and also to heal. 🙏🏻 Focus your energy back on yourself before even remotely thinking 💭 about getting back out there in the game.

I see SO many people who get right back out there after a breakup and they are nowhere NEAR ready to enter into any form of relationship. 😑 Also here’s the thing, no potential partner deserves to have to deal with your unresolved feelings/bs/baggage from your previous relationship.

Be fair to yourself AND to others and take the time out to heal, grow, and map out exactly what you want/need in your next relationship. 🙏🏻 When you have that clear picture in your mind and you feel emotionally ready 100% to move forward, THEN you can think about entering the wonderful 🌎 of dating.

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