“How to Compliment a Guy In a Way That Will Make Him Want You More”

“15 Sexy Texts To Make Him Want You More”

“5 Things to Tell Him So That He’ll Commit”

Those are ACTUAL articles written for women. 😑 It’s the “What do I tell a guy so that he will xyz for me” mentality. It’s “how do I get him to do something for ME.” 🤨

Do we ever pause to think that maybe men NEED to hear 👂🏼 compliments just like women do? Do we stop to think that maybe men need to hear the things they’re good at? We are all really great at telling each other all the things we need to work on or what we’re doing wrong. What about what we are doing right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why are we valued? 🤔

The power of a compliment is unlike anything else. Check out my latest YouTube video as I explore the wonderful world of giving AND receiving compliments.

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