Open Up

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True connection means being vulnerable, which can be scary af! 😖

It personally makes me a little queasy when I allow myself to open up to someone, to take off the external mask of “I’m great and everything is fine!”

A lot of us have that tendency to avoid truly connecting with one another due to an underlying fear that we won’t be accepted for who we really are.🥺

It’s extremely risky to become vulnerable with someone and peel back the layers of who you are. Or is it? 🤔

Do we instead allow our fear of inadequacy to become so overwhelming that we cut ourselves off from truly feeling any connection? 😑 And at what cost?

Culture tells men to be the image of strength and toughness. Vulnerability doesn’t even register as anything remotely a man would want to be. Vulnerability or tenderness can be very uncomfortable for men and sometimes shameful.

But, we all want to have a true connection in our life. 🤝But we’re also scared of it. We’re scared of love ♥️ because of what we must do in order for someone to know who we really are. We must be ourselves. 🤢🤮

Quite the paradox.

Gentlemen, here’s a secret 🤫: Vulnerability is a sign of strength and is sexy af. 💯

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