One Year Wiser

I received a Birthday 🎂 wish in my Instagram DM on this exact day last year. It said “Happy Birthday!! May the year between unfold in the most magical and beautiful way!!”

It came from a man that I had known before....and only fantasized of being his partner, never imagining it would actually happen! ☺️

Who knew his wish for me would become a reality?! He became the most magical thing that’s ever happened to me. 💫

Little did either of us realize on this day last year, that we would be madly in love with one another, walking hand in hand into the future.

I thank the Universe for him, every morning I wake up. He is my partner in life, my lover, my rock, my everything. ♥️

Believe in what the stars ✨ have in store for you. Feeling so incredibly honored of the gift that the Universe has given me, spending my birthday with the love of my life. ♥️ @dmontattoo

Kira MamulaComment