"Men Have It Easy..."

is the general consensus in society. HOWEVER, ask any man and he’ll tell you otherwise. If he feels safe enough, he might even tell you what he struggles with. Does anyone actually take the time to ask him though? 🤔

What it means to be a man today is very different than what it meant 20 years ago. Conforming to the macho 💪🏼 masculine norms of stuffing your feelings down has resulted in men having a higher rate of mental health problems.😞 Buzz words like “toxic mascinulity” are thrown around now. The image of how to be the “ideal man” that was drilled into their heads at a young age is now being tossed out window.

Society says “Men, it’s time to change”. But has anyone given them the 🛠 that are needed? Why do we provide every other group in society with the guidance and leave out men thinking they’ll just figure it out? 🤷🏻‍♀️ And when they don’t, we exclaim, “What is wrong with him?! Why doesn’t he know how to do/be xyz?!”

BECAUSE HE’S NEVER BEEN GIVEN THE TOOLS. He’s been told by society to bury his feelings and now that we ask him to change, we’re shocked/angry when he has no idea how to handle his emotions. 🤦🏻‍♀️

🆕🎦 Gentlemen: Check out my latest YouTube video on a few ways to handle daily life struggles and stress. I will always work tirelessly to support and guide you. Why? Because a healthy man is a healthy society.

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