When In Doubt...

Stop and ask yourself, “is it really as bad as it seems or am I creating something more than what’s actually happening in reality?” 🤔

If you think about it, our minds are really quite extraordinary. 🧠 From the conscious to the unconscious, we’re extremely powerful in inventing, destroying, experiencing all with our thoughts! 💭


Take care. Your mind will believe everything you say 🗣 to it. EVERYTHING. You’re in control of what you feed it. It does have the ability to take you into dangerous waters. 😟

I love this quote by Buddha: “What you think, you become”.

Write ✍️ that down. Make it your📱screen. Put it somewhere you can 👀 it and remember it every single day. This is a total game changer in your life.

Kira MamulaComment