Are You Listening?

When you know someone’s not listening to you, it can be the MOST annoying thing ever. 😒

Where you ask them “hey are you listening?” and they regurgitate word for word what you said but there’s no indication that they actually absorbed the meaning. Plus, it’s rude af not give your attention to someone when they’re talking. 🗣


Maybe you’ve been on the other side where your partner exclaims to you “Have you even heard anything I just said?!” And then you nod your head with this blank stare. 👀

Don’t be that person. You’re better than that.

Learning how to ACTIVELY listen👂🏼 can be a HUGE game changer in your personal and professional life. A great communicator is not just how well you speak 🗣. It’s also how well you listen. And most of us are absolutely HORRIBLE at it 😣because we only think of what we want to say and not actually hear what the person said.

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