Take a minute right now and ✍️ down a list of your Top 10 priorities in your life, starting with #1.

I’ll wait.⏳

How many of you put yourself as #1?

How many of you put someone else as your #1? (Wife, kids, etc..)

Every single one of you needs to put YOURSELF as the top priority on that list. Men have an ENORMOUS amount of responsibility in life that is often unrecognized. 😔 You guys get so consumed with making sure you provide to your career, to your kids, to your partner, to everyone else BUT yourself. How effective do you think you can be for everyone and everything on your list if you are only operating at 50%? ⚠️

Take today and start thinking about ways you can put your health and well-being first so that you feel great about yourself AND can take on life at 100%. 💪🏼

Report back to me with what you come up with. I’d love to hear what you’ve put together for yourself. 🏆

Kira MamulaComment