Make A Move! (part 1)

How many men out there wish their partner would grab them unexpectedly, undue their belt, slide their👖down and....well you know?😈

There’s always been an extreme amount of pressure on men to make the 1st move in sex. I can only imagine how exhausting it can get, only to get shut down some of time. 😞

So what’s the answer if you feel you’re constantly the one initiating sex? How do you find a balance so that you feel that your partner actively desires you? 🤔

Start by talking 🗣 about it. Resentment rears it’s ugly head pretty quickly, ESPECIALLY when it comes lack of sex or physical touch. So be sure to have a conversation about it sooner than later. A CONVERSATION. Not accusation. Avoid 🙅🏻‍♀️making the other person shut down and feel embarrassed by you accusing them of not doing xyz enough.

Guys, instead of telling your partner what they’re not doing, tell them what you love that they DO. ♥️ Have an open dialogue instead of allowing your mind to go down a rabbit hole, making up imaginary reasons as to why your lover isn’t initiating more or if their sex drive has decreased.

There are reasons for everything and can be easily resolved if you bring it up in a respectful and loving way. 🙏🏻 Bring down the embarrassment and have a frank conversation about your sex life with your partner. It’s a healthy part of your relationship that should ALWAYS be talked about regularly, instead of allowing the “hurt” seeds to sow in the garden. 🌱

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