That’s one thing humans need more of and haven’t figured out a way to manufacture it. Yet... But until then, we’re stuck trying to juggle 8 million things on our plate of Daily Life, wishing all the while that we had more time ⏰ for xyz.

When I talk with men, I always ask if they’re making time for themselves. They usually give me these quizzical 🤨 looks. I understand. On top of the stresses of working long hours in order to provide for you/family/move up into better positions, you have the home and dating/marriage life to contend with. Single dads, I see you. I understand that while trying to parent and raise a child on your own (with or without battling with your ex), you have to work even longer hours to provide for them and then somehow find an ounce of time to date once in awhile. 😞

Men, I understand. There is only so many hours in a day and you give so much of yourselves that there just isn’t time and energy left for you. 🙁

Write down a list 📝 of your priorities, numbering from most to least important. And then add “Me-Time” as #1. It can be 10 minutes out of the day, but place yourself as priority above all else. You can not be the best version of you for anyone without having the time ⏰ to focus on your needs first.

Take time out for you and I promise your life will start to shift very quickly.

Kira MamulaComment