I'm On Fire

This photo is a throwback to 2014 when I was first starting to explore photo shoots πŸ“Έ by myself, different angles, concepts, body positions just for fun. πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ For this β€œshoot”, I wrapped Xmas lights around my whole body and plugged it in. Surprisingly, those lights get super hot! 😨

I used to be extremely shy around cameras. πŸ˜‘ Or just shy in general. I’m a private person and takes me quite some time to trust others. πŸ‘€ But I developed a trust between myself and the πŸ“·. Posing and creating fine art nude work πŸ–Ό was a way to push myself into something new and scary, but by myself so that I could explore it without feeling anxious with other ppl around.

I had found my creative outlet, never thinking it would ever be posing in front of cameras for fine art nude shoots. We’re talking about someone who used to hide when a πŸ“· would be brought out!

I say this because trying new things that you normally would NEVER do can lead you down an amazing path you never even knew existed. You may find hidden talents you didn’t know you had. Try everything. You just might surprise yourself. 😌

Kira MamulaComment