Me vs. You

Relationships. OMFG. We could ALL write🖊novels about our experiences, right? And there are COUNTLESS 📚’s on the subject. It’s an ENORMOUS topic. One aspect of any relationship that you need to shift your perception on is…war.

Have you ever had an argument with someone you’re dating/significant other and you feel this constant back and forth, like a tug of war? 🤼‍♂️ It’s the worst, right? 😞 We’re always trying to get the person to see our POV and then ultimately for them to say “okay you’re right. I’m sorry”. That would mean we won the verbal wrestling match. 😤 We get so consumed with wanting to be right that we very often overlook/ignore what the other person is saying. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We could care less to see their perspective because we know we’re right. Or so we think…🤨

What if….both people are right? 😒Why does there need to be a “you vs me” type of mentality? 🤔 We often think that when we argue or fight with our significant other, that it means fight to the death! ⚔️ It’s my way or the highway! 🛣

Change your approach. Imagine that you are both on the SAME SIDE working through a particular problem TOGETHER.💡Instead of trying to prove your side as the “correct” side, work out the issue together. 🤝 Focus on the issue not the person. You approach issues as a team 👥, not as one side battling the other. Battling each other is called War. And NOBODY wants that in their relationship.❌

Kira MamulaComment