End Of The Day

When the day comes to a close and you’re sitting in bed 🛌 about to go to sleep, do you say anything to yourself before you close your eyes? 🤔

Have you ever heard the saying “never go to sleep angry”? Whether you’re mad 😡 at someone or at what transpired during the day, you always need to let it go before you go to sleep. Why? 🤨

Letting go of any negative emotion whether it’s sadness, anger, anxiety, etc...will help ensure a restful deep sleep 💤 and wake up feeling ready to tackle the new day. 🌞

Also creating your own or listening to positive affirmations before/during sleep can reprogram your brain 🧠 by taking the words into your subconscious state. It will 💯 alter the way you view life and view yourself. You will gain more confidence, more self-love 🥰, less stress, and a more positive outlook on life. Your subconscious absorbs messages. Feed them good ones.

Google 📱 some positive nighttime affirmations and start using them before you lay your head down 💤 tonight. It’ll help calm you down AND you’ll start tomorrow one step ahead. 🏃Who doesn’t want a leg up on life? 💁🏻‍♀️

Kira MamulaComment