If Not Now, When?

Life is not about sitting back and watching the world 🌎 pass you by. It’s not about hiding behind your safe castle 🏰 walls.

Do you have dreams of what you want your life to look like? πŸ€” Guess what? It takes risks to get there. It takes leaps of faith to see how high you can actually fly. You will NEVER know unless you take a chance. Not tomorrow, today. Don’t just dream big. What good does that do? DO big. Take Action!

Stop talking πŸ—£ about it and do it. Because in the end when you’re taking your last moments on this earth, you will measure your life by the actions you took, not the ones you only thought πŸ’­ about taking. So how long do you have until you reach those final last reflective moments in your life? No one knows. DO NOT leave this 🌎 with regrets.


So I’ll ask you again...

if not now, when?

Kira MamulaComment