People assume that I get countless inappropriate comments/DMs/🍆 pics/etc...They think the worst about men because they lump them into this “sex-crazed, crude talking, harassing” category. 👅 And I don’t mean just women thinking this. I’m talking MEN categorizing their own gender into this bucket of dirty and low class. 😮

Guess what? 🤔 Out of ALL of the comments and DMs I’ve ever received, I can count on 1 🖐 the number of inappropriate messages I’ve received. It absolutely SHOCKS ppl when I tell them this. But it’s not surprising to me in the least. 💁🏻‍♀️ And here’s why:

I hold men to a higher degree.⚜️

I don’t assume the worst. I assume the very BEST because there are truly EXTRAORDINARY gentlemen in this world who deserve that respect. 💯 I read all of your comments and it gives me so much fuel to continue to push out how kind, supportive, respectful, and caring men are.

The other side of this is, I show my vulnerability. It’s what makes us human and if you only show life as 🦄 and 🧁 all the time, no one can value you as anything but fake. I share my battles with depression😞, my struggles in life because we are all human and feel all of those things together. 👥 Because of this, I know 99% of men will be exactly who they are: honorable, courteous, polite, honest, and yes, respectful. ⚜️

MEN: Give yourselves more credit! You guys are so incredible. 👏🏼 And yes there will always be a % of the population that may give EITHER gender a bad rap. But don’t always assume the worst. Hold yourself AND your fellow man to a higher degree because you ARE true gentleman who deserve respect. 🙌🏽 Challenge your perception of yourself and of other men.

Also, I absolutely expect you to hold others accountable and call 🗣 anyone out to ensure that each one of you is living up to what it truly means to be man. I call out women on their bullsh*t all the time. No f*%ks given.🤷🏻‍♀️

Show the 🌎 how extraordinary you are as MEN and I will always back you 💯. I #ReKognize you.

Kira MamulaComment