Fear of...

Men and women 👫 are not all that different from one another. We ALL experience pain, loneliness, insecurities, self-doubt, and yes...fear.

However, there is ☝🏼 key difference between men and women that I would argue has one of the LARGEST impacts between the two sexes.

And it’s this: Women have support for all of those human experiences listed above. Men don’t. ⚠️

Some women have a hard time understanding how truly abandoned men feel. Even if society told them that their daily struggles matter JUST AS MUCH as women, where would men go for guidance? It doesn’t exist. The support men get is from self-help guru’s touting how to win at life and make more money.💰💰

I understand how it feels to be abandoned, to not matter, to be forgotten. I’ve known what this feels like from a very early age. 😞 It’s a deep sadness that you try to tuck away, but permeates through every part of your being. It affects how you live in the world. 🌎 It’s one of the key reasons why I am a men’s advocate. I don’t just empathize with what men have to go through. I FEEL it.

When you’re abandoned, you start to close the doors to your ❤️ . It’s a self-preservation tactic that we don’t even know we’re doing. It’s so we don’t become disappointed each time someone abandons us. We start to go numb. 🌫

I’m not telling you it’ll go away. It may not. It’s finding your own light⚡️ to brighten a room even if it’s empty. Because in the end, that light is for you. Not else anyone.

This is why I advocate on behalf of men. I know what you guys go through and want to provide you with what society (or family) has failed to give.

Love, Support, and Appreciation. ♥️

Kira MamulaComment