Feeling sad, lonely, depressed? Dope. Embrace it. Is your life f’ing amazing right now? Hey lucky 🍀 you! Embrace it even more! Life is not full of unicorns 🦄 and cupcakes🧁. No matter how f’ed life can be or how nothing seems to make any sense or how you feel like you’re going insane 🤯, ALWAYS allow yourself to feel those emotions.

Sadness gets a bad rap. Men are told to just “get over it” or “think positively”. That is 🐴 💩. Don’t buy into that bs. You’re a human being just like women are. Feel everything!

Sadness is actually quite beautiful. It’s an emotion just like happiness, no better no worse. In fact, it’s the most beautiful part of you. 💯 It’s what makes you human and not a f’ing 🤖. Your vulnerability in sharing your good/bad/ugly times is THE most attractive quality about you. Without. A. Doubt.

If your life is a hot mess right now, enjoy the ride. 🛣 It won’t last. It’ll make you that much more appreciative of all the amazing times. 😌 Don’t EVER let society or anyone in your life convince you to ignore your emotions.

Be you! Be unique! Throw out the “strong silent type” mentality. I will tell you that the most attractive thing and something I absolutely love about a man is when he opens up his heart and allows the vulnerability out. Women need to learn to be more accepting of it and active listeners. 💯

Never mask 🎭 what you’re feeling. Because here’s the thing, it’s going to come out at some point whether you want it to or not. Shoving it down won’t make it go away. Quite the opposite. It’ll rear its ugly head in other ways and you will not be able to control it at that point. 🤯 It turns into an absolute train wreck. Release it before it controls YOU.

Kira MamulaComment