Because Men Matter

A New Personal Empowerment Experience

Kira Mamula has developed a first-of-its-kind experience called K for Kira's ReKognize. Unlike many personal development programs, ReKognize speaks specifically to men looking for stronger connections, more empathy, deeper fulfillment and additional happiness in their lives.

ReKognize teaches men how to: define an issue, get new perspectives, asses the risks to change, make deeper connections, find deeper meaning, and create soulful resolutions. ReKognize is born from the realities that many men face today. As women’s issues elevate to the forefront, men may feel overlooked, invisible, or even forgotten. They have a tendency to be grouped into a monolithic body, and fail to be seen as individuals. Similarly, masculinity has a tendency to be seen as inherently toxic.

When asked how they feel, men have opened up about their daily struggles and challenges. Many feel uncared for, disrespected, without inherent value, or that their emotions are not valid. Here are some powerful quotes from men, taken from a survey:

If I am abused or exploited in a relationship, I have no recourse.
Men don’t have a way to support or complement one another. There is very little positive reinforcement.
As a man, nobody cares about me. If they do, I probably had to earn it in some way, rather than just being valued for my humanity.
Women can be astoundingly mean to men in the dating scene—and it affects us just as much as you. Women will laugh at men, ignore them, or give them the cold shoulder, just for asking them out. Put yourself in the man’s situation and imagine asking someone out you are very attracted to, and having him treat it like an insult to even consider you.

Enter K for Kira's ReKognize: A new empowerment experience about transformation through high-value journey experiences for individuals and/or small groups. The result of this program is personal life goals met, a greater sense of connection, and a collective of badass male friends—and one badass leader, Kira—to help along the way.


“Everyone has an inner badass. I'm here to help let that side out!”

- Kira Mamula