No man can say ‘Hey! Men matter too’ and be taken seriously.
However, a woman can. And that woman is me.
— Kira Mamula

Men’s Wellness Advocate.


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Bringing Men’s Health to the Forefront

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“Kira makes such a positive impact on my life.”

“To have a woman truly understand and dedicate her life to talking about what men go through is something I’ve never seen before. She’s so compassionate and empathic towards men’s issues. She really is the voice that speaks on behalf of men. I consider her my mentor even though she’s a woman. Men need to have a safe community where we don’t feel blamed for everything. I’m just really blown away by her messages in challenging old beliefs of what masculinity is. I look forward to her insight and wisdom on a daily basis as it’s really helped me not feel so alone in a world that doesn’t seem to care for men beyond how successful we are or what kind of car we drive. It’s honestly hard being a man, but society doesn’t really notice. I felt for the first time in years that someone is actually caring about what men go through. Kira’s images are obviously beautiful, but it’s the content that keeps me coming back. ~ John R

Healthy men equal a healthy and prosperous society.
— Kira Mamula