JUST ONE moment. JUST ONE chance. JUST ONE action is all it takes to harness our power within. Kira Mamula's JUST ONE movement is about tuning into the present, embracing opportunity, and standing strong in the face of adversity. Empathy, positivity, and connectedness create the foundation of the movement, as JUST ONE word, JUST ONE gesture, and JUST ONE act of encouragement can be all it takes to inspire others. If you were to take JUST ONE step today, what would it be?


#JustOne - A Movement

An interview with Kira Mamula about passion, pride, and power.

What led you to the creation of a movement?

“I'm saddened by the upswing of disregard people seem to have with each other. In these uncertain times, people tend to express their upset through entitlement. Often, in an increasingly technological world, I feel as if we hide behind our screens. It's easy to forget that we're talking to human beings. There is a widespread decrease in empathy toward one another, which I find disconcerting. However, though it may seem we have lost our way, the truth is, there is incredible opportunity here. Yes, there's a danger of a downward spiral, but I'm optimistic that all we have to do is shine light on some of this darkness!”

Why you? Why now?

“Why NOT me? Why NOT now? Happiness is at an all time low. Depression is at an all time high. We're disconnected more than ever, which has allowed more anti-social behaviors to replace human decency. It's time we ALL take responsibility for our actions toward each other, and work to gain understanding of the true meaning of the word empathy. It will take every person to change society for the better; my role in this movement is simply to be a spark which ignites the fire.”


My role in this movement is simply to be a spark which ignites the fire.

- Kira Mamula

What makes you so sure that Just One will succeed?

“We all want to lead happy and healthy lives. However, we've become increasingly isolated, which brings a multitude of negative emotions into the world. And, emotions are contagious! So, the trick is, to convert those negative emotions into positive ones. We all want to feel connected again, respected again, and loved again. This is 100% achievable if we're in it together... if we're in it together, there's no way we can fail!”